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          中文版 English

          Production of various types of steel tubes

          Jiangsu Xuan Sheng Metal Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2005, the company is located in Wujin District Sanhe Town thousands of years of history and cultural city of Changzhou City

          Professional manufacturing team

          The company has a number of technical and experienced engineers, the company's products are widely used in construction, automotive, petrochemical, mechanical processing, heat exchangers, motorcycles and other fields.

          High quality, high quality customer service service

          7*24 hours quick reply, timely solve your confusion
          Professional after-sales technical team, regular new and old customers to visit, at any time to provide technical guidance

          About us

          Jiangsu Xuan Sheng Metal Technology Co., Ltd.established in 2005, is located in Sanhekou, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It enjoys a great geographical advantage.
          By persistent effort, the annual capacity of the qualified seamless pipes of Heyuan is 40,000 tons. The main standard is API、ASTM/ASME、DIN、EN、 JIS、 BS、GB etc.. The size range is Φ10-Φ133 x 0.5-25mm. The pipes are widely sued in the fields of petroleum, construction, boilers, ship building, mechanic, chemical and so on.

          Heyuan persist in the aim of “Quality is the life, reputation is the soul.”  We have the certificate of ISO9001:2008

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